Modern Phytomorphology

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Ayyad Wajih Al- Shahwany

College of Education for Pure Sciences, University of Diyala, Iraq


  • Research Article   
    Taxonomic study of wild species of the Fabaceae family in Diyala Province-Iraq
    Author(s): Nisreen Sabbar Hashim*, Wisam Malik Dawood and Ayyad Wajih Al- Shahwany

    The research included the study of one of the aspects of biodiversity in Diyala Governorate and a comprehensive botanical survey of all wild species of the legume family present in the governorate during the years 2022–2021. The research was based on 62 plant samples with their replicates collected by the researcher, where 32 species belonging to 13 genera of the legume family were found classified scientifically, and their local and common names were mentioned in Iraq or the Arab world, as well as their permanence and economic importance (medical, food, fodder, toxic, industrial, fuel, and other uses) with mention of their geographical distribution. In the provinces of Iraq and their affiliation with the neighboring countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Jordan), due to the convergence of environmental systems and natural climatic conditions, especially betwe.. Read More»

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