Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science MODERN PHYTOMORPHOLOGY (ISSN 2226-3063, eISSN 2227-9555) is a peer-reviewed journal with open access policy under the Creative Commons BY‑NC‑ND license. It was established in Lviv in 2011 and firstly issued in early 2012 by enthusiastic botanist Dr. Andrew V. Novikoff (Andriy V. Novikov). Currently it is published on the base of State Natural History Museum NAS of Ukraine. Starting from fall 2016 it is also hosted in Zenodo under the same license. rss//rss.xml Modern Phytomorphology Volume 14, Issue 1 Distribution patterns of rare emKitaibela vitifoliaem Willd in Turkey Taxonomy chorology and conservation Tun�kol B, Yasayacak H, Aksoy N Editorial Note for Modern Phytomorphology Journal Srishti Bisht Features of the emin vitroem propagation of emPseudotsuga menziesiiem Mirb Franco Yaroshchuk R, Lisoviy M, Guz M, Kovalenko I, Zherdetska S Use of fractal analysis principles when describing flavonoids variety of the south transurals plants Usmanov Iskander, Shcherbakov Arkadiy, Ivanov Vyacheslav, Ivanov Sergey, Gonchar Ivan Biochemical tuber composition of promising potato hybrids Kozhushko N.S., Sakhoshko M.M., Onychko V.I., Butenko Ye.Yu., Kandyba N.M., Bashtovyi M.H., Vereshchahin I.V., Klochkova T.I., Zavora Y.A., Smilik D.V. Identifying species and hybrids in the genus juglans by biochemical profiling of bark Likhanov AF, Burda RI, Koniakin SN, Kozyr MS Regularities of sowing alfalfa productivity formation while using different types of nitrogen fertilizers in cultivation technology Kokovikhin SV, Kovalenko VP, Slepchenko AA, Tonkha OL, Kovalenko NO, Butenko AO, Ushkarenko VO