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Current Issue

Vol 14 (2020)

Research Article

Study the mercury biosorption by unicellular diatom Nitzschia capitellata Hustedt

Ali Naseri, Sara Saadatmand, Mostafa Noroozi ,Younes Asri , Alireza Iranbakhsh

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Morphogenesis of mustard white under the action of the antigibberellic preparation chlormequat chloride

S.V. Polyvanyi, L.A. Golunova, N.V. Baiurko, O.O. Khodanitska, V.V. Shevchuk, T.I. Rogach, O.O. Tkachuk, O. V. Knyazyuk, O. L. Zavalnyuk, O.A. Shevchuk

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Features of leaf mesostructure organization under plant growth regulators treatment on broad bean plants

O. A. Shevchuk, O. O. Kravets, V. V. Shevchuk, O. O. Khodanitska, O. O. Tkachuk, L. А. Golunova, S. V. Polyvanyi, O. V. Knyazyuk, O. L. Zavalnyuk

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