Modern Phytomorphology

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Pinta Murni

Faculty of education and teacher training, UniversityJambi, Indonesia


  • Research Article   
    Modification of Seeds to Roots: The Uniqueness of Germination and Growth of Putat (Barringtonia acutangula)
    Author(s): Bambang Hariyadi*, Pinta Murni, Mahya Ihsan, Agus Subagyo and Winda Dwi Kartika

    Putat (Barringtonia acutangula L. Gaertn) is well-adapted to high and low tide conditions. Putat has a high antioxidant content, so it can overcome various health problems. However, research on the adaptation of putat to water conditions and the germination and growth of putat seedlings still needs to be completed. This study aims to analyze the seed germination process and development of putat seedlings morphologically. The results showed that putat undergoes an unusual and unique germination process. Its shoot and root grow at different seed poles; the node comes out at the base, while the taproot comes out at the tip. As the seeds germinate, the fruit skin remains attached to the sources. After expanding into seedlings, the seeds are modified into roots, thus connecting the taproot that appears first at the end of the basis with the stem that grows at the base... Read More»

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