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Use of fractal analysis principles when describing flavonoids variety of the south trans-urals plants


Usmanov Iskander, Shcherbakov Arkadiy, Ivanov Vyacheslav*, Ivanov Sergey and Gonchar Ivan

Flavonoids are physiologically active substances that regulate many functions in plants and animals. Despite many years of research, interest in these substances continues unabated, and the market for flavonoids in the health industry keeps growing. In South Trans-Urals, the research team behind this paper discovered a significant fluctuation in the accumulation of flavonoids in many local plants. Significant differences were later discovered in the accumulation of physically and chemically similar flavonoids and organic substances; differences were observed between specific compounds within local coenopopulations as well as between spatially isolated populations. This research applied high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to identify the significant differences between single chromatograms in terms of the following features: (1) the number of identifiable substances (chromatographic peaks); (2) peak elution times; (3) peak areas indicative of the substance-specific concentrations in the extract. The diversity of specimens and groups was described in terms of the fingerprint concept to underline the strong “specificity” of chromatograms. However, the accumulation of flavonoids and the concentration of copper, zinc, and other metal salts in the soil were in an unstable correlation. In other words, descriptive statistics failed to identify any environmental factors that clearly regulated the accumulation of flavonoids in the field.


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