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System for ecological regulation of the biosynthesis of flavonoids as a strange attractor


Usmanov Iskander, Ivanov Vyacheslav* and Shcherbakov Arkadiy

Flavonoids are a large class of plant polyphenols with various adaptation functions to environmental factors. The biosynthesis of flavonoids is characterized by a high plasticity of their synthesis and multiple species differences. The HPLC spectra of flavonoid chromatograms from the populations of Juniperus sabina, Glycirrhiza korshinskyi, Achillea millefolia of the South Trans-Urals and pulations of Oxycoccus palustris, Chamaedaphne calyculata, Andromeda polifolia oligotrophic bogs in Western Siberia were studied. Each chromatograms of all species differed in the number of peaks, peak areas, and peak release times (compounds).

It was shown that the system of flavonoid biosynthesis is fractal in nature. The species groups of flavonoids have properties of strange attractors. Using the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) clear differences between species and groups of species in contrasting ecosystems is shown. Thus, species-specific populations of flavonoids and compounds with similar physicochemical properties are a distinct regional product. In this regard, along with the search and selection of individual plant species based on the content of one compound, it seems appropriate to search for effective regional complexes of flavonoids


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