Modern Phytomorphology

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Sowing qualities of winter wheat varieties depending on the intensification of cultivation technology


Volodymyr Orekhivskyi, Anna Kryvenko, Tetiana Marchenko, Volodymyr Vakulenko, Ruslan Solomonov

The aim of the study is to develop agrobiological fundamentals for intensifying the cultivation of innovative varieties of winter wheat in the conditions of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine, considering soil-climatic conditions and agrotechnical factors. The goal is to implement competitive innovative cultivation technologies for high-quality seed production of new environmentally adaptable soft winter wheat varieties with high genetic potential. Research methods include field evaluations of competitive winter wheat varieties, laboratory analysis to determine seed similarity and germination rates, and statistical data analysis. The variability of seed quality depends on various environmental factors and the complex of genetic traits of the variety. Decreased seed viability due to low temperatures, excessive rainfall during maturation, and non-compliance with technological elements can be explained by changes in the Nitrogen content of seeds, especially protein nitrogen, which disrupts metabolic processes in embryo cells. Intensive cultivation technologies have led to the highest seed and yield qualities of soft winter wheat.


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