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Most recent detection of invasive species Erysiphe palczewskii (Jacz.) U Braun et S Takam on Robinia pseudoacacia L. in Ukraine


Klіuchevych MM, Stoliar SH*, Chumak PYa, Retman SV, Strygun OO, Tkalenko HM and Vigera SM

The investigation of morphological traits of main development cycles of Erysiphe palczewsk Takamatsuii on various host plant species at seven different ecological geo-points in Ukraine. Sampling was conducted with the help of plant route research method in the parks in Kiev and Kiev region, and also in Zhytomyr. Phytopathologic analysis, morphometry of conidia, fruit bodies and their appendages as well as asci and ascospores were carried out using a light microscope and a smartphone with the software “Magnifier Cam”. The greatest disease development is manifested on the fruits (beans), leaves, branches of current annual accretion on Robinia pseudoacacia L. For the first time in Ukraine, all development stages of invasive species Erysiphe palczewskii were detected on black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.). Comparative analysis of morphometric parameters of conidia, fruit bodies, appendages, asci and ascospores from Caragana arborescens and black locust from different ecological geo-points was conducted.


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