Modern Phytomorphology

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Features of leaf mesostructure organization under plant growth regulators treatment on broad bean plants


O. A. Shevchuk*, O. O. Kravets, V. V. Shevchuk, O. O. Khodanitska, O. O. Tkachuk, L. A. Golunova, S. V. Polyvanyi, O. V. Knyazyuk and O. L. Zavalnyuk

It was studied the mesostructure organization of leaf apparatus and pigment content of leaves under application of growth regulators with a different mechanism of action-chlormequat chloride (1%) (retardant of quaternary ammonium compounds group) and Emistim C (0,1 ml/l) (growth stimulator) on broad bean plants. The plant growth regulators treatment on broad beans led to the thickening of leaves due to an increase in the growth of columnar and spongy leaf parenchyma. Growth regulators influenced the formation of the stomatal apparatus of broad beans leaves in different ways. The inhibitory compound chlormequat chloride caused a decrease in the number of lower epidermal cells and stomata with a simultaneous increase in the area of the stomatal cell. The application of stimulator compound Emistim C led to an increase in epidermal cells, without differences in the number of stomata but the area of stomatal cells increased significantly. It has been established the enhancement of photosynthetic processes due to an increase in the chlorophyll content in assimilative cells of leaves under chlormequat chloride on broad beans.


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