Modern Phytomorphology

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Assimilation apparatus indices of maize plants under conditions of the right bank forest steppe of Ukraine


O.Y. Karpenko, A.O. Butenko*, V.M. Rozhko, O.M. Tsyz, M.A. Tkachenko, N.M. Asanishvili, E.V. Zadubynna, I.M. Masyk and I.V. Sobran

The influence of different methods of basic tillage and post-harvest sowing of oil radish and winter oil rape seeds on maize productivity has been studied. Improving the photosynthetic properties of crops, including corn for grain, is one way to increase their productivity, as today in production are widespread varieties and hybrids that use to form their harvest is not a significant part of its potential (about 6% of possible (Nychyporovych 1955, 1961). Therefore, optimizing the conditions of their growth and development for positive changes in this direction is important.


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