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A Case Study on the Use of Hydrogen Peroxide as an Agent for Radish Seeds Germination Promotion


Pavlo Lykhovyd, Raisa Vozhehova , Mykhailo Fedorchuk, Valentyna Fedorchuk Mykhailo Kobelev

The Plant growth regulation substances (PGRS) are of great demand in modern agriculture. Among numerous valuable properties, many PGRS possess an ability to promote seed germination through the increase in germination rate (GR). Hydrogen peroxide (HP) is believed to be a modest, cheap, and effective PGRS if used properly. The aim of this study was to investigate HP’s ability to increase GR if it is used for seed pre-sowing treatment. Three options (water treatment, treatment with 3% HP for 5 minutes and for 15 minutes) were included in the greenhouse study with radish seeds (var. Saksa). As a result, it was found that HP treatments were statistically significantly inferior to water treatment in terms of GR. The longer the duration of the seeds exposition to HP was the higher GR suppression was recorded. Therefore, preliminary results testify that HP is not suitable as a pre-sowing treatment for germination promotion. Further studies are required to support or decline the preliminary outcome


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