Modern Phytomorphology: Invitation for New Editorial Board Members

Modern Phytomorphology

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Editorial - Modern Phytomorphology ( 2021) Volume 15, Issue 4

Modern Phytomorphology: Invitation for New Editorial Board Members

Emily Ashford*
Managing Editor, Modern Phytomorphology, Ukraine
*Corresponding Author:
Emily Ashford, Managing Editor, Modern Phytomorphology, Ukraine, Email:

Received: 20-Aug-2021 Accepted: 20-Aug-2021 Published: 20-Aug-2021, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5801217


Modern Phytomorphology is Inviting new Editorial Board Members. Journal expands, we must also ensure that the journal does not fail to deal with this higher number of submissions while keeping up our high editorial standards. Therefore, we are looking to expand our editorial team.

We would like the applications from researchers with a background in one of the disciplines below.




Plant anatomy

Plant morphology

Plant phylogeny

Plant physiology

Plant taxonomy

Plant Science and many more


We are looking forward to individuals who are committed to Science, data.

Our Editorial Board Members must have a minimum of 25 research papers published in reputable, journals that follow peer-review.

Role and responsibilities

The Editorial Board Member is fundamentally responsible for Evaluating manuscripts for their appropriateness for peer review, choosing suitable reviewers who meet the Journal’s requirements.

An Editorial Board Member for Modern Phytomorphology must be engaged at least two manuscripts per month within their field of expertise.

Contact us at

If you are interested in becoming an Editorial Board Member for Modern Phytomorphology, and you meet the criteria above, please email us at the email id provided above. We look forward to hearing from you.

Apply now!

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