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Weed infestation of winter wheat in organic crop rotation and economic efficiency of its cultivation


Mykola Sobko, Svitlana Medvid, Sergey Amons, Elina Zakharchenko, Valentyna Nechyporenko, Ihor Masyk, Viktoriia Pylypenko, Nataliia Kolodnenko, Valentina Rozhko, Olena Karpenko, Valentina Toryanik, Olena Selezen

Organic farming is an important way to get healthy food and build a healthy nation. There is no alternative to herbicides, so scientists are improving the system of tillage and the use of mulch from plant residues, green manure in organic crop rotations. Under the conditions of chernozem of typical light loamy of the Left-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine (Sumy district), when using no-tillage cultivation in the crop rotation buckwheat - winter wheat - sunflower - spring barley, the weed infestation score in winter wheat crops was determined as average level and high level at sowing time (in average 2020-2022 years): 32 pcs./m2 when using a heavy cultivator to a depth of 10 cm-12 cm and 6 cm-8 cm - 58 pcs./m2 , when using a disc harrow to a depth of 10 cm-12 cm - 44 pcs./m2 and 6 cm-8 cm-50 pcs./m2 . Among the weeds, annual monocots and rhizomes predominated. The yield and quality of winter wheat grain, the conditionally net profit from cultivation using organic technology, were the highest when using a heavy cultivator by 10 cm-12 cm.


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