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Vascular anatomy and morphology of the flower in Fritillaria montana Hoppe (Liliaceae)


Andrew V. Novikoff, Maria A. Kazemirska

In the first time structural type of gynoecium and vascular system organization in Fritillaria montana Hoppe flower were described in details. We ascertain that gynoecium is divided in three vertical zones viz synascidiate, symplicate and apocarpous. Therefore the gynoecium was described as syncarpous in wide sense and typified as Fritillaria-type. In the other hand, for the vascular system of the flower six main groups of bundles were described, e.g., recurrent bundles in central column of ovary were observed. It was ascertained that ovules supply by the complex of ventral and dorsal as soon as recurrent bundles. A little difference in the innervation of inner and outer tepals was ascertained too.


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