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Variation in the lemma abaxial epidermis of Avena strigosa Schreb.


Romuald Kosina, Edyta Franas

Microstructure of abaxial epidermis of lemma is presented for 26 accessions of Avena strigosa of different geographical origin and for some other oat diploids. Papillae and duplexes of cork and silica cells are main morphogenetic events in the oat lemma. A. canariensis and A. longiglumis, characterized by a meristemoid activity of the lemma, are situated in an ordination space outside of the A. strigosa group, while a cultivated species A. brevis is among accessions of A. strigosa. The meristemoidal activity of the lemma abaxial epidermis appeared to be a useful taxonomic marker for oat diploids.



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