Modern Phytomorphology

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Ultrastructural characteristic of cells and pigment analysis in floating and submerged leaves of Trapa natans L.


Olena M. Nedukha

The comparative analysis of ultrastructure of the photosynthetic cells and pigment content of Trapa natans in both floating and submerged leaves at vegetative phase were conducted. It has shown that the changes of cell ultrasructure and pigment content in leaves are depended from the location of leaves above or under water surface. It has ascertained that submersion of the leaves under water lead to: 1) increase of thylakoid number in grana; 2) decrease of number of the chloroplasts with starch grains; 3) decrease of the relation between chlorophylls (Chlа / Chlb) and of the sum of chlorophylls (Chlа + Chlb) in comparison with analogical parameters in floating leaves.<

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