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The share of roots, sward and stubble biomass in biological yield of selected grass species


Piotr Kacorzyk, Mirosław Kasperczyk, Joanna Szkutnik

In this study assessed the share of harvested yield and share of root stem bases and stolon biomass in biological yield of 6 grass species grown in pure sowing. The biological yield included harvested yield from 3 regrowth and biomass of RSS (roots, sward and stubble), which was taken after 3th cut. The highest biological yield was observed in Festuca rubra, next in Arrhenatherum elatius and Poa pratensis, and the smallest in Holcus lanatus and Agropyron repens. In F. rubra harvested yield held 13.8% of biological yield, and RSS biomass held 86.2%. In contrast, in H. lanatus harvested yield was 44.7% and RSS biomass was 55.3% of biological yield.



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