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The selected taxa valuable as food for insect visitors in agricultural landscape of Jastków, SE Poland


Bożena Denisow, Małgorzata Wrzesień

The flora inventory was carried out in 2011-2012 in the Jastków manicipality in SE part of Poland. The aim of the study was to assign the condition of bee flora and establish the floristic richness on fallows, bush communities and fields margins in agricultural landscape. Flora of these biotops consists of 214 species, among them 80% were flow taxons. Apophytes (163 species – 78%) predominated on all types of biotops under consideration. Perennials predominated in flora of boundary strips and bush communities. Mainly hemicryptophytes and therophytes compose flora of fallows. Great number of plant taxons which are important as food for bee were originated to meadows, segetal or ruderal plants. Most flow plants compose loose patches but its successive blooming ensure source of food for Apoidea, and other pollinators i.e. Diptera, Syrphidae, Lepidoptera, Vespidae, Heteroptera and Coleoptera from early spring till the end of summer. The flora of boundary strips create the biodiversity in studied agricultural landscape. The treatments including sowing, mainly on fallows with nectariferous and polleniferous species would enrich generally weak flows in highly agricultural landscape.



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