Modern Phytomorphology

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The rust fungus Uromyces geranii (DC.) Lev. localization and impact on anatomy of the host plant Geranium sanguineum L.


Emma Biruliova, Irina Prosiannykova, Alexandra Fedotova

The investigations on the rust fungus Uromyces geranii (DC.) Lev. influence on the anatomy of the vegetative organs of the host plant Geranium sanguineum L. (Geraniaceae) were conducted. The local and endophytic arrangement of U. geranii in the tissues of the host plant were identified. The tissues hypertrophy and organs deformation in G. sanguineum were revealed as a consequences of the fungus U. geranii influence as well as increment of pericyclic ring sclerenchyma lignification in the stem. While the mature aecia and uredinia on the stem cause the epidermis tears and fill the primary cortex up to the stele.



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