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The role of morpho-anatomical traits of the leaves in the taxonomy of Kalanchoideae Berg. subfamily (Crassulaceae DC.)


Myhajlo A. Chernetskyy

The paper presents the results of the analysis of the morphological and anatomical structure of leaves of 35 species of the genus Kalanchoë Adans. (Crassulaceae DC.) in the taxonomic aspect of the subfamily Kalanchoideae Berg. Based on own studies and literature analyses of the flower morphology, embryology, karyology, vascular anatomy of stem and molecular genetics, the author has found that the most appropriate taxonomic system of the subfamily Kalanchoideae assumes existence of one genus Kalanchoë divided into three sections: Bryophyllum (Salisb.) Boit. & Mann., Eukalanchoë Boit. & Mann. and Kitchingia (Bak.) Boit. & Mann. Distinguishing three separate genera Bryophyllum Salisb., KalanchoÑ‘ Adans. and Kitchingia Bak., as has been the case throughout the history of the subfamily Kalanchoideae, is hardly possible due to existence of “intermediate” species.



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