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The research of cytokinin and hydrogen peroxide influence on the leaf mesophyll structure and morphometric parameters of winter wheat


V. V. Zhuk, M. M. Musienko

The last leaf mesophyll structure of Triticum aestivum cv. ‘Tronka’ which was grown in the field experiment conditions was investigated by the method of confocal laser scanning microscopy. The experiment plants were treated by BAP and Н2О2 in booting phase. It is established that plant treatment didn’t effect on structure of leaf tissues but enhanced the functional ability of chloroplast pigment complexes. It has shown that influence of exogenous BAP enhanced chlorophyll autofluorescence, especially in palisade mesophyll cells, delayed aging of pigment complex. The action of exogenous mainly increased chlorophyll fluorescence of spongy mesophyll near stomata, but its influence was less significant than BAP. In winter wheat plants treated by BAP and Н2О2 plant height and last leaf length enlarged. The plant treatment by BAP increased productivity of T. aestivum cv. ‘Tronka’ mainly by the cost of increasing of corns’ quantity in ear and corns’weight.



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