Modern Phytomorphology

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The productivity of Origanum vulgare L. and O. tyttanthum Gontsch., dependently from the methods of planting material producing


E. F. Boyko, R. Yu. Konik

The result of investigation have shown that the plants obtained from green cuttings in the first year after planting were more developed by morphometric characteristics and were more exceed to parameters of productivity such as: the crop yield of top (in 1.5-2.7 times), the mass percentage of essential oil (in 1.2-3.0 times), collecting oil from the plant (in 1.8-5.5 times) than the plants obtained by dividing the bush. Thus, it’s advisable to use seedlings obtained from green cuttings for laying the industrial plantations of Origanum vulgare and O. tyttanthum.<

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