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The preliminary attempts of in in vitro regeneration from petioles of recalcitrant species of Cephalotus follicularis Labill.


Monika Tuleja, Aldona Chmielowska, Bartosz J. Płachno

Cephalotus follicularis Labill. is representative of the extraordinary carnivorous group of plants. Carnivorous plants with pitcher traps grow in nutrient poor, sunny and wet habitats, they have adapted themselves to growth in bogs, sandy soils and obtain some nutrients (e.g., nitrogen and phosphate) from insects and other arthropods or protozoa, even from small mammals occasionally (Król et al. 2012). C. follicularis belongs to the monotypic family Cephalotaceae, and it is the endemic plant of south-western Australia. This Australian pitcher plant is heterophyllous with different types of leaves, specialized either for prey capture or photosynthesis. In the spring, non-carnivorous leaves responsible for photosynthesis, while later, in the summer the second type – carnivorous pitcher-shaped leaves occur (Pavlovic 2011). In this paper we present the first observation of tissue culture of C. follicularis for regeneration protocol, taking into account the absence of organic and inorganic nitrogen as well.



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