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The pea development after UV-B irradiation


Vladislav V. Zhuk, Alexander N. Mikheyev, Lyudmila G. Ovsyannikova

The effect of UV-B radiation on the growth and development of pea plants was studied. Pea is a self-pollinating plant with unlimited branching and short vegetative period. The number of flowers and pods per plant is limited by the conditions of vegetation. It is established that after irradiation of seedlings in doses from 2 to 15 kJ/m2 shoot growth decreased. Dose of 2 kJ/m2 inhibited growth, dry mass accumulation of shoots, formation of flowers and pods. The dose of 4 kJ/m2 activated increasing quantity of flowers and pods. Further increasing the dose of UV-B irradiation suppressed growth and development of pea plants. UV-B irradiation in a wide range of doses caused growth inhibition of pea plants. Pea plants are convenient object for investigation of UV-B radiation effects.



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