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The novelties in diagnostic of redlist plants from the genus Hedysarum


Irina Popova, Tamara Plaksina, Vitaly Ryzhov, Lubov Tarasenko

Plant of the genus Hedysarum L (Fabaceae) are the source of valuable medicinal substances. Effective diagnostic of wild species promising as a source of medicinal substances has a key value. The anatomy (histological features) of the rachis of compound leaves of redlist species Hedysarum razoumovianum DC. and H. grandiflorum Pall. collected Kinelskiy near Samara region (Cretaceous Kinelskoye spring) in June 2009 have been investigated. These investigations on petiolar anatomy confirm, clarify and support the data on anatomical and histological structure of studied species. Comparative analysis revealed structural features that may be serve further as diagnostic.



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