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The ??nfluence of water def??c??t and absc??s??c ac??d on the cells??? ultrastructure of ??solated embryon??c axes of Phaseolus vulgar??s L.


LydÑ?a Babenko

The influence of dehydration and rehydration processes on the cells structure of isolated embryonic axes on different germination stage of kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgarÑÂÂ??s) was investigated. It was found that polysomes, endoplasmic reticulum and dictyosomes are sensitive to these processes. They formed in hydration and disappeared in dehydration phase. Dehydration of embryonic axes in sensitive phase caused cells plasmolysis and irreversible destruction of their membrane compartments. Abscisic acid (10-4 M) treatment delays the cell structure changes related to active growth phase but does not cause influence on vital functions and acts as dehydration protector on the dehydration sensitive phase.



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