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The microanalysis on resistance of new tomato genotypes


Tatiana Calalb, Iulia Siromeatnicovа, Eugenia Dobanda

Microscopic study on the leaf of the new tomato genotypes has shown that the most informative structural indicators of drought resistance of these plants are: a) presence, level of development and the distribution of protective and glandular trichomes on the leaves; b) presence and occurrence of the cells with oxalate calcium sand in the leaf mesophyll. Statistical processing of the results determines that new tomato genotypes 'Line 50' – 'Prizor' × ('Prizor' × Lycopersicon hirsutum) and 'Line 47' – 'FriguÅÂÂ??or' × (Lycopersicon peruvianum × 'Victoria') are resistant to drought.


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