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The influence of synthetic growth promoters on morphophysiological characteristics and biological productivity of potato culture


V.V. Rohach*, T.I. Rohach, A.M. Kylivnyk, S.V. Polyvanyi, N.V. Bayurko, L.O. Nikitchenko, O.O. Tkachuk, O.A. Shevchuk, L.S. Hudzevych and N.V. Levchuk

The influence of synthetic plant growth promoters of 1-NAA, GA3, and 6-BAP on growth, leaf apparatus and productivity of the Santé potato culture is investigated. It is found that GA3 increased plant height, number of leaf blades, and weight of their dry matter. All preparations increased leaf area and thickened leaf chlorenchyma. The volume of columnar parenchyma cells increased under the action of GA3 and 6-BAP, and the cell size of the spongy parenchyma only after the use of GA3. The stem chlorophyll-bearing parenchyma thickened under the action of 6-BAP. In the plants, treated with 6-BAP, the content of chlorophyll in leaves and chlorophyll index of plants increased. The leaf index increased after the use of GA3 and 6-BAP. Under the action of GA3, the net productivity of photosynthesis increased. All growth promoters increased the dry weight of the whole plant and the yield of potato tubers.


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