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The influence of nitric oxide and oxalic acid on Triticum aestivum L. infected by Septoria tritici Blotch


I. V. Zhuk, G. M. Lisova, Z. M. Dovgal, O. P. Dmitriev

The realization of productivity of Triticum aestivum L. modern cultivars is limited by yield losses caused by fungus diseases which intensively develop under high level of humidity and air temperatures. The usage of elicitors is the way to induce the plant immunity of cereals and minimize the pesticide pollution of the environment. It is established that the additive effect of elicitor (oxalic acid) and NO signal molecule decrease the stress after the action of biotic factor (Septoria tritici Blotch) in two spring wheat cultivars – ‘Nedra’ and ‘Etud’ in the field experiment conditions. The effect of oxalic acid was to decrease the yield losses by the way of decreasing the degree of corns’ infection by pathogen. NO donor manifests the qualities of signal molecule and growth regulator under biotic stress that promoted the realization of wheat potential productivity.



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