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The influence of care systems on biometric and yield indicators of oats


YA.Hryhoriv, A.Butenko*, L.Kriuchko, O.Tykhonova, V.Toryanik, N.Kravchenko, V.Onopriienko, I.Vereshchahin, R.M.Bordun and R.Kuzmenko

Research results on study of the influence of different methods of cultivation on performance of oat on soddy-podzolic soils under the conditions of the Eastern Carpathian Foothills of Ukraine are given. Plowing to a depth of 20 cm-22 cm and 14 cm-16 cm has been established to form the highest yield of oat grains at the level of 3.5 t/ha-3.45 t/ha, which is 0.2 t/ha-0.15 t/ha more than surface tillage. Maximum protein content has appeared to be when plowing the soil to 20 cm-22 cm is 9.7%. Herewith, natural weight of oat grains decreased by 1.9%, and hull content increased by 3.6 relative percent compared to disk plowing.


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