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The growth of wheat internodes under different mineral nutrition conditions


Olga I. Zhuk

The growth of winter wheat internodes was studied under optimal and deficit support of mineral nutrition main elements – nitrogen, phosphor and potassium. The most intensive growth of wheat internodes was detected in booting phase but under the optimal nutrition it was continued to milky ripeness phase. Under mineral nutrition deficit internodes growth stopped in earing-flowering phase. The smallest internodes were formed in wheat cv. ‘Favoritka’. The growth of fourth and fifth internodes started at booting phase. The minimal influence of mineral nutrition was on internodes sizes of cv. ‘Mironivska 808’. Winter wheat plants of cvs. ‘Mironivska 808’, ‘Smuglyanka’ and ‘Favoritka’ under mineral deficit nutrition formed larger leaves under last leaves. The largest area of leaves under last leaves was detected in wheat cvs. ‘Mironivska 808’ and ‘Smuglyanka’.



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