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The features of shoots regeneration of European forsythia (Forsythia europaea Degen et Bald.) in sterile culture


Andrei V. Konstantinov

The effects of several factors such as medium, the source of cutting material and plant growth regulators concentration on in vitro culture and rapid propagation of Forsythia europaea were investigated. The buds from middle part of shoots sprouted in spring were the optimum type of explants, because of the highest shoot growth rate during initiation procedure and biggest amount of formed shoots per microcutting during subsequent multiplication. The best medium during initiation was WPM supplemented with 0.5 mg·l-1 6-BAP and 0.5 mg·l-1 NAA. Multiplication coefficient was up to 4.8±0,9 on MS medium supplemented with 0.5 mg·l-1 6-BAP at. Shoots were rooted on the WPM medium without growth regulators and the rate of rooting was 71-84%. The microplants obtained transferred to acclimatization substrate (mixture of peat, sand and perlite in proportions 3:1:2) with up to 96% survival.



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