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The ear growth and productivity of Triticum aestivum L. under different mineral nutrition


Olga I. Zhuk

The growth of winter wheat ear was studied under optimal and deficit support of main mineral nutrition elements – nitrogen, phosphor and potassium. It is shown that mineral nutrition deficit caused the completing of ear growth prematurely and reduced ear length in cultivars ‘MironÑ–vska 808’ and ‘Favoritka’. Nutrition deficit decreased ear mass of main and side stem, mass of big and middle grains, grain mass in ear. It is detected reducing of lower spikelets in wheat cultivars ‘MironÑ–vska 808’ and ‘Favoritka’ under nutrition deficit that caused decreasing quantity of spikelets and grains in ear. Period of ear growth in both investigated cultivars was equal in optimal conditions that was determined by the same duration of ontogenesis phasis. Deficit of mineral nutrition accelerated the plant germination but decreased the grain fullness in cultivar ‘MironÑ–vska 808’. Mature grains in cultivar ‘Favoritka’ were fulfilled even under mineral nutrition deficit conditions.



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