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The characters of epidermal ultrastructure for the taxonomy of Bromopsis ramosa (Huds.) Holub and B. benekenii (Lange) Holub (Poaceae)


Olena I. Krasniak

In this paper the results of research of leaf blade epidermal ultrastructure in two species, Bromopsis ramosa and B. benekenii, are reported. It was revealed, that crystalloids of epicuticular waxes belong to ‘platelets’ type. The epiderma samples of the both taxa consist of the long cells, silica cells, prickles and stomatal cells. Both species have the same morphological cell characters and pattern. Macro-hairs were discovered on the leaf surfaces of some B. benekenii samples, whereas on the leaf surfaces of B. ramosa samples they are not revealed. Thus, the taxonomically significant features were not discovered on the micromorphologycal level.<

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