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The area ratio of leaves and green stems and degree of leaves reduction of succulent plants of the genus Euphorbia L. (Euphorbiaceae Juss.)


Sergii O. Kalashnyk

The ratio between area of green leaves and stem area for model photosynthetic plants of 23 Euphorbia L. species were determined. On the base of this ratio studied species were divided onto three groups: a) leaf surface area exceeds area of green stems more than in twice; b) leaf surface area exceeds area of green stems less than in twice; c) area of green stems exceeds leaf surface area more than in twice. Correlation between these groups and arid degree of native habitats of investigated species has been ascertained. It was established that current grouping method is more objective in sense of morphological characteristic stem-succulent representatives from the genus Euphorbia in context of their ecological specifications than simple statement of leaves presence and photosynthetic activity of the stem.



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