Modern Phytomorphology

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Study on Phenology of Some Papilionoid taxa (Papilionoideae- Leguminosae).



Phenology emphasizes the significant timing of biological events occurring in an annual cycle of the plant and explains seasonal aspects of an ecological phenomenon. The current work describes the phenological studies of Papilionoideae taxa in hosadurga and holalkere taluks of Chitradurga districts (Karnataka, India). Different phenophases like leafing, flowering, fruiting, and leaf fall were observed for 52 species that belong to 34 genera of Papilionoideae taxa. Investigation of important phenophases clearly showed the peak period of different phenophases and helped to understand how it differs from region to region and also with environmental changes and economic concerns of that area. The obtained database can be utilized for further conservation and Biodiversity maintenance in that region.

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