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Structural organization of Cobeae scandens Cav. nectaries


S. P. Mashkovska, A. F. Likhanov, A. A. Kliuvadenko

It has ascertained, that Cobea scandens Cav., which introducted in the National botanic garden of M.M. Grishka NAN of Ukraine, has secretory tissues, which develop and function normally. In anatomical structure of C. scandens nectaries five structure-functional areas were founded. In the cells of secretory area a lot of RNA and proteins were detected. Intrastaminal nectaries have many common morpho-anatomical features with stamens. It is support of M. Dawson opinion (see ТаÑÂ…Ñ‚аджян 1966) about staminal origin of C. scandens nectaries.


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