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Some morphological and anatomical descriptions of seed in Galanthus woronowii Losinsk. from Western Georgia


Nona Chkhaidze, Nana Goginashvili, Meri Zurabishvili, Zurab Manvelidze

Morphology and anatomy of seeds of Galanthus woronowii Losinsk. from Ajara and Guria (Western Georgia) regions were studied in laboratory conditions. It was found out that shape of fruits changed from round (big fruits) to longish (small fruits). Weight of mature seed was 0,0075 g. By the end of June elaiosome disappears and green hollow develops on its place. Gas bubbles were emitted from green tissues; emission was intensive in August, when embryo was already well developed. Greenness was localized mainly on cell walls. It is permissible that on cells walls located aerobic oxygenic phototrophic bacteria. In early August an embryo in seeds was well developed, reserve fat transformed to starch around of embryo. Germination of seeds began by the end September very slowly. Results of the work will be important for ex situ conservation of G. woronowii, also for expedient to plant industrial plantations.



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