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Response of maize plants to seeding rates under conditions of typical black soil


E.A. Zakharchenko*, S.V. Petrenko, S.I. Berdin, A.A. Podhaietskyi, N.V. Kravchenko, M.O. Hnitetskyi, Z.I. Hlupak, R.M. Bordun, V.O. Tryus and O.S. Tiutiunnyk

The study of maize plant productivity for hybrids Zorianyi FAO190, Leleka FAO 260, Donor MV FAO 310 with seeding rates of 60-90 thousand seeds per hectare was carried out during 2018-2020 in the North-Eastern Forest Steppe of Ukraine (Sumy district). It was found that such index as number of rows in a cob and number of grains in a row depends more on hybrid characteristics than on seeding rate. With density increase of the crops, occurs a decrease in grain number in a row. Weather conditions have a significant effect on grain number and, accordingly, the yield of maize grain. We can recommend usage of seeding rate of 90.000 seeds per hectare for hybrids Zorianyi, for Leleka 80.000 seeds and 70.000 seeds per hectare for hybrid Donor MV.


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