Modern Phytomorphology

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Plants-genetic engineering: Crucial bond for agri-evolution


Anil Kumar*, Pedada Sindhusha and Souvik Kundu

The history of agricultural evolution depicts the tale of the mankind’s development along. As the crop growth and livestock rearing techniques have been developed, so has the human. From a food gatherer to a food producer, the man has come a long way. In old times the humans used to grow wild plants which today we referred to as crops. The today’s crops embody the tale of the enhancement of the technology decade by decade. But with the passage of time, the current environmental as well as the geological conditions have altered which means the crops also need to be changes in terms of their adaptability, resistance and tolerance to pest (both Insects and Diseases) etc. These aforementioned changes in crops if occurs naturally, then it may take few more decades but with the most powerful tool in hand i.e. Biotechnology, we now are able to mediate that change within few years of hard work. The Biotechnology is most important component in the present times that can create variation and this variation paves the way for evolution.


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