Modern Phytomorphology

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Photosynthetic activity of Camelina sativa plants depending on technological measures of growing under conditions of Precarpathians of Ukraine


Ya.Ya. Hryhoriv, A.O. Butenko*, V.V. Moisiienko, V.Z. Panchushn, S.V. Stotska, I.A. Shuvar, L.V. Kriuchko, E.A. Zakharchenko and A.V. Novikova

The influence of technology elements of Camelina sativa growing, in particular, studying of the influence of different fertilizer doses on photosynthetic activity of Camelina plants under conditions of Precarpathians of Ukraine has been studied. The research results of mineral fertilizer influence on the dynamics of leave area growth and the formation of photosynthetic potential of crops have been presented. According to the results of research it has been established that the highest indices of leaf surface area, from 21.5 thousand m2/ha to 49.2 thousand m2/ha, Camelina sativa forms in the flowering phase. Application of mineral fertilizers significantly affects the leaf surface area and photosynthetic potential of Camelina sativa. It was found that application of mineral fertilizers had a significant effect on the leaf surface area of Camelina sativa and, accordingly, on the photosynthetic potential. Photosynthesizing activity of sowing any culture the head warehouse form of its productivity. The head of state of the art of modern technologies is the construction of such projects, which would be as efficient as possible to vikoristovuyu sleepy energy for the accumulation of stately valuable birth.


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