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Ontomorphogenesis of Hyssopus officinalis L. introduced in conditions of ZhNAEU’s Botanical Garden


Lyudmyla A. Kotyuk

The paper establishes some special features of Hyssopus officinalis growth, development and morphology when being introduced in the ZhNAEU’s Botanical Garden. The results of investigations of H. officinalis ontogenesis ex situ are presented for the next periods: latent, pregenerativе and generative. The signs of the age states of individuals are specified. In the period of 7 years of growing the maximum indices of shrub height were observed in the 3rd year of life (89,7±2,7 cm), whereas the maximum numder of vegetative and generative sprouts – in the 5th year (96,7±8,4 cm). The green mass yielding capacity of hyssop in the 4th year – 38,91± 2,04 t/ha and in 7th year – 36,19±1,12 t/ha. It has been stated that while introduced, plants of the species under consideration go through the complete cycle of growth and development, which speaks about sufficient rate of adaptation of the species to the conditions of the region.



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