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Ontogenetic features of West Tien-Shan-Alai endemic Rhinopetalum stenantherum Regel


Anna A Ivaschenko

Morphological characteristics of the stages of ontogeny of West Tien-Shan-Alai endemic Rhinopetalum stenantherum Regel from family Liliaceae Juss. based on the author’s research, carried out in natural populations of Talas Alatau (Aksu Zhabagly reserve) and in a botanical garden (Almaty) are given in the article. Individuals of first, second and third and fourth years of life, differing by size of bulbs, leaf lamina and mass are allocated as a part of the juvenile group. Also immature, virginal and generative individuals are described, the latter are divided into three groups depending on the number of flowers (from 1 to 10 and more), and inflorescence leaves. As a result was established that by the type of root system structure Rhinopetalum genus is intermediate between the genera Tulipa, Korolkowia and Lilium. Also long-term data about the dynamic of the structure of the cultivated population in the conditions of the Main Botanical Garden are given in the article.



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