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On the recent record of “Chenopodium badachschanicum” (Chenopodiaceae) from Iran


Sergei L. Mosyakin

Chenopodiastrum badachschanicum (Tzvelev) S. Fuentes, Uotila et Borsch has been recently reported (as Chenopodium badachschanicum Tzvelev) from Iran in the article published in Modern Phytomorphology. Unfortunately, the article contains some errors and outdated information on taxonomy of this species. Most importantly, the image of herbarium specimens reproduced in the article definitely represents not C. badachschanicum but, undoubtedly, a species of Spinacia L., most probably S. turkestanica Iljin. Judging from its distribution pattern, C. badachschanicum may be expected in Iran, especially in eastern mountain areas. However, there is no positive evidence of its occurrence in Iran yet and its recent record is based on a misidentification.



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