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Normalizing of morpho-physiological indexes as the mode, improving their informational value in the diagnosis of productivity of fruit cultures


Victor V. Antyufeyev

The set of interrelated morphological and morphometric indexes connected with crown architectonics, on the one hand, and the photosynthetic activity of leaf apparatus on the other, are suggested to assess and compare the potential productivity of varieties of stone fruit cultures. The computational procedure to formalize a kind (method of mathematical representations) of features, which are comparing, are substantiated and described. This procedure makes it possible to improve informational value of these features. The evaluation was conducted on the micro-level by using the criterion D, which reflects the efficiency of photosynthesis systems. This index is calculated after measuring fluorescence irradiation intensity induced by photosystems I and II. At the same time, the work productivity of leaf apparatus is evaluated on the organism level (by assessing fruit-bearing). The following normalized (related to the crown volume unit or the leaf square unit) indexes are used as evaluative criteria: the density of pacing by generative elements, the saturation of a crown by leaf surfaces, the biomass of fruits and leaves and, also, some derivatives of these: the index of efficiency of utilization of solar radiation quantums by leaves (Dn), the coefficient of the productive work of leaf surfaces on harvest formation (КПРЛ in Russian transcription), the index of productive work of the crown volume (ИПОК in Russian transcription), etc. It has been shown that high harvests of the studied cultivars are obtained when optimal values of offered are achieved.



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