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New record of Plagiostachys albiflora Ridl. (Zingiberaceae) in the Philippines


Florfe M. Acma, Noe P. Mendez, Noel E. Lagunday, Victor B. Amoroso

A Philippine specimen of Plagiostachys albiflora Ridl. (Zingiberaceae) which was previously recorded only from the Malay Peninsula and Borneo was recently discovered in Mt. Malambo, Brgy. Datu Salumay, Marilog District, Davao City, Philippines. The specimen, described herein, constitutes the first record of the said species in the Philippines. Further, P. albiflora is the only non-endemic species among the Philippine Plagiostachys and is an addition to the seven known endemic species in the country. Existing populations of the species are rare and under severe threats due to anthropogenic activities and therefore call for immediate conservation initiatives.



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