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Multivariate structure of the flower in some representatives of the genus Primula L. from the collections of Research Institute BG UNN


Tatiana R. Hrynova, Ivan N. Markelov

The results of the investigations on morphological variability of flowers in different species and hybrids of Primula L. from the collection of Botanical Garden of Nizhny Novgorod State University which were carried out in 2011‑2012 are represented in this paper. The coefficients of variation (CVs) for corolla diameter and for number of tepals for all the specimens were calculated. CV for the diameter of the corolla was generally from 5.1% to 17.8% and CV for tepals number (from 4 up to 6 tepals) was from 0% to 11%. As a result the relationships between tepals number and corolla diameter have been clarified. In some specimens tendency to increasing or decreasing of CV for corolla diameter has been observed. For example increasing of corolla diameter was observed in P. auricula and its cultivars, P. cortusoides, P. denticulata and cultivars of P. ×polyantha. From opposite side the decreasing of corolla diameter occurs in P. juliae, P. ×pruhonicensis and P. ×elatior cv. ‘Aurea’. The results of this investigation probably can be applied in genus Primula taxonomy.



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