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Morphometric analysis of Arabidopsis arenosa (L.) Law. on the waste heap Maximilián in Špania Dolina (Starohorské vrchy Mts.)


Tomáš Štrba, Ingrid Turisová, Štefan Aschenbrenner

The aim of work was to determine of differences in morphometric traits of the model species Arabidopsis arenosa (L.) Law. on the heap and neighbour site on the basic of research realized in growing season 2011 on the heap Maximilián in Špania Dolina. We focused on plant height, width of rosette of leaves, width and length of lowest stem leaf, number of seed per one silique, weight of roots and weight of overground parts. The results were subjected of statistical analysis with the assistance of a Student t-test, idicators of variability and central values.The results show statistically significant difference at height level of confidence for each of the average of measured traits.The results support the hypothesis about influence of heavy metals on the whole habitus of plant and its evolution.



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