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Morphology of new for Ukrane Bacillariophyta from the hydrotopes of Right-Bank Forest-Steepe. II. Species of Gomphonema Ehrenb.


Lyudmila N. Bukhtiyarova

Two species Gomphonema laticollum Reichardt and Gomphonema bukycanyona sp. nov. are recorded for the first time from the hydrotopes of Ukraine. Their morphology using CM and SEM microphotos and geographic distribution are described. New terminology is suggested for the poles of the heteropolar frustule. Depending on the pole contour valve head and foot or head pole and foot pole are used to date. However, many species of Gomphonema Ehrenb. do not have a wide round pole that resembles a head, instead they may have the same contour on both poles. According of every pole functions an attaching valve pole is a pole with pore fields or other structures that attach individual to substratum. A free valve pole is relatively freely located in a space pole. The function of free pole consists in expansion of individual contact space – a part of the environment where an individual may interact directly with its physical body and its biospace (=биополе in Rus.). Within an individual contact space physical, maximum energy and informative interaction, high interchange of substances are accomplished between individual and environment. This ecosystem parameter is a part of individual biosphere and impacts directly on the formation of a species econiche. Proposed terms concern functional morphology of the genera with heteropolar frustule as Gomphonema, Didymosphenia M. Schmidt, Meridion Agardh, Licmophora Agardh and other. Species typification of Bacillariophyta is discussed.



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