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Morphology and vascular anatomy of the flower in Scilla bifolia L. (Hyacinthaceae)


Olga O. Dyka

The morphology and vascular anatomy of the flower of Scilla bifolia L. (Hyacinthoideae) were studied. It is established that the gynoecium has following structural zones: synascidiate, symplicate, hemisymplicate and asymplicate. Gynoecium of the S. bifolia can be determined as syncarpous in a wide sense. The perianth is supplied by branches of central vascular bundles, and all stamens – by branches of bundles of tepals. Vascular system of the gynoecium has six ventral and three dorsal bundles which branch lateral bundles. The septal nectary has three fissures in the walls between the locules of the ovary, which extend from its base to the roof and open outward at the base of the style.



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